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Charcuterie cones are delicious and easy

Charcuterie cones filled with cheeses, meats, fruits and candy are the new twist in food

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Cones are the new boards 

If your love Charcuterie Boards you are going to love Charcuterie cones. Lindasy Anvik from Babe and Butcher says they are easy and Adult and kid friendly.  In the midst of a pandemic people need to know that the cones are Covid safe. They are individually wrapped and portable and dedicated for a single user.  Instead of making your own charcuterie ice cream stand make your own charcuterie cone.  Fill the cone with meat and cheeses, or candy, or fruit and vegetables. The Cones are great party favors or take home wedding gift. You can make them as elaborate or easy as you want.  They can fill you up or just hold you over to your next meal. They are really the newest twist on catering.  Babe and butcher is locate on the north end of Charlotte and they specialize in Charcuterie boards. For more information visit BabeandButcher.com.