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Keys to grilling up NC seafood

Chef Steven Goff, NCRLA Judge and 2019 Winner shares his top tips

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When it comes to great chefs, North Carolina has an abundance. Right now several are competing in the NCRLA Chef Showdown, a competition which features the "best of the best."

On Tuesday, we were joined by Chef Steven Goff the 2019 winner, who is now a judge for the competition.

His goal this Tuesday, to show us all how to serve up tasty, North Carolina Seafood.  Chef Goff says his go to favorite is Tuna, because it can be prepared so many different ways: raw, cooked, grilled, just to name a few. Chef Goff says "Tuna is a great meat replacement." 

He tells us, to cook a thick slice of Tuna: you want to hard sear it for 5 minutes at least...even perhaps longer than you think.  You want a nice, crisp outside, with soft interior.  There are also several sauce options when working with fish, that can take your dish to the next level.

Tuna and Grouper good internal temps are 135 degrees, that will give it a "medium" finish...but he adds, the Health Department recommends 145 degrees.

Chef Goff also says remember food pulled from the pan, still cooks on the plate.  He says "if you pull it at 145 out of the pan...it will be 150 on the plate, then you run risk it will be tough."  Another tip, he says everyone should invest in a kitchen thermometer, it's a good tool to have in your kitchen.

No stranger to the Chef Showdown, Goff says presentation is a big part of cooking competitions "people eat with their eyes first," so chefs need to think about seeds, nuts, crunch, acid.

Chef Goff is based in Asheville, and is in the process of renovating Tastee Diner...the oldest restaurant in Asheville, built in 1946.  Turning it into what he calls "a fun, new, different spot, with diner options in the morning, and pop-ups for dinner with fun, "chefy" things planned.

To learn more about the NCRLA Chef Showdown he won and is currently judging head to ncchefshowdown.com

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