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Tips for picking out the perfect Christmas tree

Pike Nursery also shares ways to care for your tree

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This article involves commercial content. The products and services featured appear as paid advertising.

Pike Nursery shares these tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree.

There are 5 things to consider when picking the perfect tree.

1. Shade - Look for trees that are kept in a shady, protected area.
a. Un-covered trees are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight and wind which dries them out. And heavy rains can speed up needle-drop.
2. Color - The tree should be a healthy green color
3. Uniformity - Inspect the tree from all angles to make sure there are no broken branches or gaps
4. Freshness - Look for trees that are well hydrated to ensure they last as long as possible
a. A tree that has been kept in water will be more hydrated and last longer
5. Flexibility - When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should hold fast and be flexible
o A tree with stiff, brittle needles is too dry and will turn brown quickly

What kind of tree should we get?

• Fraser Fir
o Most popular Christmas tree, Highly fragrant
o Grown right here in North Carolina
• Nordmann Fir
o If you have allergies, Nordmann is the best for you – has no fragrance
• Noble Fir
o Has an interesting blueish-green color, mild fragrance, very strong branches
• Alpine Noble
o Wild-grown, with little to no cultivation
o Widely spaced branches for a unique look – modern and rustic
• Snow-Flocked Christmas Trees
o Perfect for people who are dreaming of a white Christmas!
o Flocking material seals in moisture & holds needles in place
o It's non-toxic, safe around pets & kids, and flame-retardant

 Here are 3 tips to help your tree last all season:

1. Keep it hydrated
a. Cut trees can drink a whole bowl of water a day! [Notes:show bowl]
b. Check every day and keep the bowl full of fresh water
2. Add preservative [Notes:show]
a. This all-natural tree preservative helps keep the tree hydrated.
b. Just add a spoonful every time you re-fill the water bowl
3. Keep it cool
o Keep trees away from fireplaces, air vents and heaters.
o That extra heat and dry air will make the tree dry out faster

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