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Combatting loneliness during the holidays

Therapist Jackie Greco shares ways to overcome feeling isolated or alone

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Loneliness during the holidays can be tough, impacting people of all ages. To truly understand loneliness we asked Therapist Jackie Greco to define it. Greco says in it's most basic form, loneliness is a feeling that can impact people in a variety of ways, there are varying degrees, and people may express it differently.

Some people may think of being in a room by themselves as a bad thing, others may think nothing of that and actually enjoy being alone.  Greco says "people can also be in a room full of people and say they feel really alone..."

We also discussed why so many people this time of year and following COVID isolation may be suffering and struggling more with feelings of loneliness. Greco tells us "with working from home, and responsibilities shifting, many people are finding they have less outlets to connect with other people."  She adds "...we depend on connecting with others for survival...anytime we feel disconnected that can be a very scary thing."  Loneliness can impact all ages and demographics.  

Connecting with people can simply mean, letting them know you hear them, and understand their feelings, rather than trying to problem solve for them,  adds Greco.  To learn more about resources out there to help or find someone to talk to, go to: suncounselingandwellness.com

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