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Creative dog training tips

Why teaching your dog in another language benefits both of you

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — You can teach an old dog new tricks! In fact, all dogs are trainable.  It takes a little longer for older dogs, but it's just as easy to teach them.  Michelle Willox of Diverse K9 Training says every dog should be well trained. Willox says your dog should be able to go out and not be a nuisance.  

Willox says dogs don't speak English.  We can't expect them to know what we are saying.  Wilcox trains her dogs in German.   That way when she says a command, the dog knows she's talking to them.  

Dogs should also become focused on you.  Make them think it's their idea! Use a method call free shaping. An example;  take your dog for a walk. When he looks up at you, give him a treat.  That way, your dog will look up to you more.. and will not focus on other things going on around him.

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