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Delicious smash burger recipe

Owner, Chef Jenny shares the recipe for a smash burger you can order at Davidson Ice House

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Elements of a Great Smash Burger

~Start with excellent quality beef; as good as you can afford

~80/20 or 75/25 lean to fat ratio (fat equals flavor)

~Handle ground beef as little as possible when shaping into patties 9this keeps them tender)

~Season both sides generously with sea or kosher salt, freshly ground pepper and a touch of granulated garlic (optional)— nothing else

~Use a cast iron skillet, or very heavy sauté pan

~Get the skillet ripping hot

~Spray with just a bit of oil

~Smash patty for 10 seconds as soon as it hits the pan

~Cook for just about 90 second, flip immediately add cheese and cook for 60-90 seconds more— both sides should have a nice crust with a juicy interior