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New year, new and better behavior for your dog

Dog Training Elite can help

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Here are some New Year's Resolutions for you and your pup from Dog Training Elite.

-Be the old dog to learn new tricks. To teach your dog a basic "Sit/Stay," approach your dog in standing position, holding a treat to their nose.
Slowly lift the treat over their head towards their rear. As your dog lifts their head to follow the treat with their nose, their back end should drop to the ground.
As soon as your dog is in a sitting position, praise them and offer the treat as a reward. To work something trickier into their lineup, try teaching "stay" by having your dog sit for several seconds longer than usual. Continually repeat, with longer delays, and introduce a few steps between you and the dog. Work with shorter "stay" commands to keep your dog's attention until they have the trick down!

-Shake the COVID-puppy social anxieties. Meeting new dogs and people, or working through separation anxiety, can seem like an impossible hurdle for those born in such an unprecedented time. But socialization in monitored or professional settings can help build your dog’s self esteem and help them feel better about themselves, too! Try setting up a pup-date in a neutral location (not your home or another dog's) outdoors, and begin with walking in the same direction as the other dog, on leash, and encourage with happy, calm voices. Slowly decrease the gap between the dogs if their body language continues positively. If you aren't sure about doing introductions on your own, daycare is an alternative option, with experienced professionals to intro your pup to other dogs.

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