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Earthkind understands the ecosystem!

EarthKind can help you get rid of pests safely

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On Monday the Business Spotlight sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, centered around Kari Warberg Block, Founder and CEO of Earthkind.
“...at EarthKind we develop naturally effective plant-based solutions to keep pests away from treated areas without killing or poisoning them; we use ingredients grown on USA regenerative farms and we manufacture our products in North Carolina providing jobs for handicapable individuals” says Block.   EarthKind understands ecosystems, and recognizes every animal, plant and insect in nature has a specific role to play. We look to the outside to protect what’s inside, creating a balanced ecosystem in our homes and working harmoniously with the world around us. Over the past decade, our effective repellents have helped reduce the need for poison/kill pest control methods in the home from 98% to 90%!

EarthKind recently expanded to 1800 Walmart stores, a move we learned Monday was made possible by the hard work of your employees.  "We have a dedicated, amazing workforce that continues to bring it.  I'm so proud of our diversity, and inclusive culture that allows us to grow and expand into Walmart stores and become a household name” says Block. “I heard yesterday that we have a top 15 selling product, that's only possible because of the amazing people I'm blessed to work with.”

Over the past few years, EarthKind has received some major certifications. Several that are unheard of in the pest control industry. We've become 100% Climate Neutral certified, Carbon Neutral certified, Leaping Bunny
Cruelty-Free Certified, and we've achieved USDA Certified Biobased Status. “We are extremely proud of our certification and our efforts to help the environment” says Block.

You can visit earthkind.com  for more about the company and their efforts.  If you are interested and would like to know more how Fifth Third Bank can grow your business then go to 53.com/businessbanking

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