CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We've all heard the nursery rhyme about the "muffin man" but do you know the "cheese man"?

Well, technically, the "pimento cheese" man.

John Morgan doesn't necessarily go by that title, but he is the owner of Queen Charlotte's Pimento Cheese Royale, a business he started just four years ago alongside his wife, Myers McKenzie.

"It's just all sort have been a happy accident," said Morgan, who was teaching art at a Union County Elementary school when he had the opportunity to go on the popular game show, Jeopardy.

PIMENTO CHEESE BUSINESS CROP_1541642322102.png.jpg

"I didn't win enough money to get in any real trouble, so I used my meager winnings to buy my first big, 30-quart mixer," he said.

Before John and Myers knew it, they went from making spread for super bowl parties to painting the town in pimento cheese.

"We sold out pretty quickly and we've been off to the races ever since," said Morgan.

Fast forward four years, and Queen Charlotte's pimento cheese is sold by 80 specialty retailers, 142 Food Lion stores, and within the last week, 58 Harris Teeter stores.

The family business is also expanding. John and Myers have seven full-time employees who make pimento cheese in four flavors.

"It's hard to beat your first born," Morgan said after being asked about his favorite. "I still love the original."

There is also jalapeno, blue cheese, and bacon.

"Man! You can't ask me to pick between my children," Morgan joked.

Regardless of the recipe, the real secret to their success can't be found in a slab of pepper jack or wheel of parmesan. It's the passion they have for their product and the happiness it brings others.

"We got a little ten ounce tub of joy that we get to throw into several thousand people's hands a week, so it can't be much better than that."

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