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Fight the winter blues with colorful plants

Pike Nursery has plenty of options to brighten up your space in these darker months

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This article involves commercial content. The products are services featured appear as paid advertising.  

Short days, long nights and cold temperatures can have us feeling down in the dumps! Color can have a powerful effect on us; Different colors can inspire different emotions. So adding cheerful colors to your garden can help chase away the winter blues.

Different colors mean different things and inspire different emotions.

o White – sosphisticated, hopeful

o Pink – loving, friendly

o Purple – graceful, soothing

o Red – bold, passionate

o Yellow – energetic, happy

o Green – restful, healthy

Folks might think the winter means a drab, boring landscape, but there are plenty of plants that love the winter and bring these colors to the garden.

o Pansies & violas – rainbow of flower colors

o Helleborus – white, pink, purple flowers

o Heuchera – red, purple, peachy-orange foliage

o Ornamental cabbage/kale/swiss chard – purple, pink & white accents

o Camellia shrubs – pink, red or white flowers

o Mahonia shrub – yellow flowers + berries for birds

o Conifers – great use of texture + interesting colors like yellow/chartreuse (ex. Gold Mop Cypress)

Winter is a great time to take a close look at your landscape. If you’re interested in upgrading your yard and garden, we can do a complete, custom landscape design now in winter, and then you can have a whole new outdoor retreat ready by spring!