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Forging Communities with SocialHub

SocialHub, building communities one event at a time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Today we learned more about SocialHub, and how they work to help turn where you live into a community. We were joined by Monica Hickman founder and CEO of SocialHub and Director of operation for NC for S2 Residential, Kim Upton. SocialHub is quickly becoming a place where people gather and forge communities.

We create environments where people belong.  “At the heart of every resident event we produce, is the unwavering belief that people matter” says Hickman. This belief is expressed in our commitment to ensure that all residents everywhere are known, valued, and cared for in the place they call home. Our events are about connecting you with your community. Our events range from wine tasting, brunch, happy hour, bingo to painting events; we provide tons of variety.

In today’s world, having an authentic sense of community and a strong social media presence aren't nice to have, they’re a must have.  SocialHub® provides best-in-class in-person events and experiences that forge a strong sense of community, drive social media assets, and increase online reviews. We have thoughtfully curated and planned in advance so residents have ample opportunities to connect with their neighbors. We have professionally designed marketing materials to promote each event. The events are beautifully produced right down to the smallest detail. We have professional sound, glassware, festive décor and more.

The long term vision for SocialHub is they want to be thought of as an amenity to those living in an apartments. They recognize that apartments are making a shift from convenience to community. They want their events to promote a sense of community within the building and research shows that residents that 'play' together stay together. They realize that resident retention is vital to multifamily owners/operators.

SocialHub's founder tells us, their events create buzz and excitement, increase engagement, and demonstrate appreciation for residents. Plus SocialHub saves on-site teams hundreds of hours each year in event planning allowing leasing professionals to focus on their jobs, and not producing events.

For more information visit www.SocialHubCompany.com  or follow on social media @SocialHubCompany.

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