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Green Machine specializes in power and performance!

Take care of your lawn with Green Machine

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Hardware Huddle is the gathering place for building brands, expanding influence and improving the lives of the homeowners through home improvement. Hardware Huddle host a number of companies to achieve its purpose of influencing the nation in home improvement.

There are many companies represented at Hardware Huddle. Here with more is Gray Abercrombie from Green Machine. Green Machine is one such company at the Hardware huddle that handle the various needs of the homeowner to improve the outdoor look of their home. Green Machine is a company that specializes in premium battery powered outdoor equipment. Long gone are the old days of acid batteries to power your outdoor equipment. Green Machine tools are powered by 62v lithium batteries for optimal run time and performance.  Two high quality lithium ion batteries offer the power and run time you need to tackle your toughest landscaping challenge. No longer do you have to put up with fumes and fuel mixing. Green Machine offers a clean way to take care of your landscaping needs. Green machine batteries are portable and convenient and will give you the power and performance to take care of your lawn. For more information go to Homedepot.com