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Hardware Huddle: branding and influencing home improvement

Vendors are lining up to be a part of Hardware Huddle

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It’s a place of building brands, reinforcing relationships and making new connections with the hottest hardware and home improvement influencers. Brian Stearns the founder of Hardware Huddle has more.

Hardware Huddle is the gathering place for building brands, expanding influence and improving the lives of the homeowners through home improvement. Hardware Huddle hosts a number of companies to achieve its' purpose of influencing the nation in home improvement.

There are many companies represented at Hardware Huddle. Companies like Green Machine, Grabo and Crescent, just to name a few are participating in Hardware Huddle. The huddle space is divided into zones. There are 4 zones or work site area for vendors to show their goods. They include, the jobsite, the backyard, the work shop and around the house. Vendors will rotate in these areas. Stearns says “The trends in home improvement have not stopped since restrictions have been lifted.” Homeowners are still engaged in landscaping project, building swimming pools, improving their backyard with fire pits, grills and the like. The Hardware huddle is a great place to take advantage of these trend.  For more information visit HardwareHuddle.com.