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Help DKMS fight against blood disorders

Save a life register to become a donor

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Today we invited Dr. Nilay Shah from Levine Cancer institute to talk about the importance of Blood Stem Cell Donation.  "I am trained as an oncologist and I come across all types of Leukemias” says  Dr. Shah.  He goes on to say “one misconception that people have is that chemotherapy can treat all kinds of blood disorder and cancer and that simply not true.” That’s is why organizations such as DKMS are vital in the fight against blood disorders.

D-K-M-S is a Non-profit working to save lives here in Charlotte. It is dedicated to the fight against blood cancers and blood disorders by creating awareness, recruiting bone marrow donors to provide a second chance at life, raising funds to match donor registration costs, and supporting the improvement of blood cancer therapies by our own research. DKMS turns regular people into life savers. They also support patients from day one of their diagnoses, providing family and friends with a positive way to get involved by organizing bone marrow donor drives that can enhance your donor search, rally community support, and provide hope. Just registering you can save lives. “The process is safe and effective and you may help save a life” says Dr. Shah.  We have facilitated over 100,000 second chances at life so far. A staggering 15,000 new patients each year are searching for a match, it could be you!

Here is how you can register as a donor! Anyone 18-55 in general good health is eligible:

Step 1: Visit dkms.org, click register

Step 2: Review eligibility criteria

Step 3: Fill out some information and request a swab kit

Step 4: Receive a swab kit in the mail, follow instructions to swab cheeks

Step 5: Return your completed swabs, and that’s it!

You can also host if you can’t donate or give. You provide the location and people and we will get you everything else you need to host a lifesaving event. For more information visit DKMS.org.

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