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Holiday wines perfect for Thanksgiving

Pair the perfect wines with the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thanksgiving is a myriad of flavors and sensations that sometimes wine can get a bit lost with some of the overpowering foods.  The key in food and wine pairing is to make the wine taste good and the food taste good.  Sarah Malik, Associate Professor from Johnson & Wales University has a list of wines that will be perfect for thanksgiving.

Sparkling: Does not have to be Champagne 

Prosecco Rose - prosecco was always regarded a bit bland and used for mimosas with the addition of orange juice but over the last couple of years, they have started adding a bit of Pinot Noir to make it pink (always more fun) and give the wine more fruit.  This is a great thanksgiving option. Malik recommends the Borrasca Prosecco Rose for $13.99 (DRY). The Moscato Rose' is always sweet option at $14.99.

Still Wines

The Rose option is always a safe but good choice. Its light and fruity and will pair well. Malik suggest to try Winzer Zweigelt (grape). Malik is a fan of the Austrian wines as well. Their rose's and red wines are light and fruity and very affordable -$12.99.  The White option that Malik recommends is Dr. Loosen Riesling. Once again a fruity wine perfect for Turkey and for non-red drinkers. The cost is $20 .


Finally thanksgiving would not be a celebration without having a classic red wine.   Sugarbird Sweet Shiraz - South Africa - $7.99 is always a good choice. Malik is excited about the McBride Sisters Red Blend - $17.49. The story of two sisters who grew up in winemaking countries and found out about each other later on in life is remarkable. They are also one of the black owned wine company in the country and the wine is fantastic.

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