Alfredo Sauce:

2 sticks of salted butter

1 quart of heavy cream(and another pt. just in case you need it later)

2-cups of fresh grated parmesan cheese

2-cloves of garlic(grated into sauce)

Black Pepper to taste

-In a saucepan or deep skillet on medium high(sauce cooks fast....stay near it and don't look away)

-melt butter and grate the gloves of garlic in while it is melting

-add heavy cream

-and black pepper (you probably don't need to add salt since you have salted butter and are going to add parmesan)

-bring to a low boil and turn down

-then add parmesan cheese (1 cup and then add more if your prefer or save the other cup for on top when you add pasta and meat)

-if sauce is too thick add some heavy cream...if it is too runny add some parmesan cheese

cook 1 pound box of linguine pasta in salt water and olive oil

drain noodles and add to sauce....add the meat of your choosing and serve

Some other tips:

-add some chopped bacon and a spoonful of bacon grease to sauce (do this before you add the butter)

-add fresh parsley to sauce

-Cut up a rotisserie chicken in sauce

-add broccoli or fresh chopped asparagus or fresh spinach to sauce

-serve with fresh green onion or fresh chopped tomatoes on top

-cook up shrimp in garlic and butter and then set shrimp aside and start sauce in same skillet

-cook chicken cutlets in olive oil/balsamic vinegar/salt and pepper and then add to the sauce

-add some fresh lemons to the sauce after completely cooked for a fresh taste

-buy some cheap steak and cook in olive oil, garlic and salt/pepper ....add to the sauce with some fresh green onion

-want a little more chicken(y) taste to your alfredo...add a spoonful of chicken base