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How stress affects your ability to lose weight

PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition has a natural way to help

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This article involves commercial content. The products are services featured appear as paid advertising.    

It's no surprise that stress can affect our ability to lose weight.  PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition says there's a natural and holistic way to feel better.  

Ashley Lucas, PH.D, RD says you can put all the best, healthy food in your system, but if you are really stressed out, the body is not going to respond in the way that you want it to.. to lose weight or maintain weight. That's because stress impacts our hormones. 

Stress triggers include relationships, kids, jobs, the stress over covid and all the uncertainties.

PHD Weight Loss & Nutrition will create a specific meal plan for you.   They provide 85% of the food at no additional cost.  They also provide weekly one-on-one coaching to help you release your stress triggers.

To learn more call 980-237-9090 or visit myphdweightloss.com