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Its time we change our view of food.

Diets can do more harm than good

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — For  many people this time of year is centered around eating better...focusing on  health...and trying to stick to resolutions. Often times, that means some type of diet shift. To learn more about - why the term "falling off the wagon" when it comes to diets....can actually do more harm than good, we turn to License Therapist, Juliet Kuehnle, with Sun Counseling and Wellness.  The diet culture in our society has done more harm than good.  The term "off the wagon" implies that there is something wrong in the way we eat.  The diet industry has made a major profit off the backs of many people who have an improper view of food and its consumption.  The programming around how we eat in our society has led to much dysfunction and a billion dollar industry.

One of the problems says Kuehnle "is that we have assigned morality to eating food."  We assigned shame and guilt to eating.  We says things like "I should not eat this or that?"  "This is going to make me fat!"  All the while we are damaging our inner person. We need to change our view of food.  Food has nothing to do with your self worth.  You are beautifully and uniquely created and we need to celebrate the person you are.   Food is at it basic sense fuel, and necessity to operate your body.  Food is sustenance but also for pleasure and celebration and should not be looked as an enemy.  Simply put we need to unlearn some bad behaviors and attitudes. It's time we change our view of food.  For more visit SunCounselingandWellness.com or follow her on Instagram @Yepigototherapy

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