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Keep your sanity during the summer.

Tips to keep you from becoming to busy during the summer.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The summer is full of fun things to do but it can be very busy and hectic. Camps, summer programs, schooling and other activities can be a scheduling nightmare.  Parenting expert and cognitive specialist Beatrice Moise has some tips to keep your sanity in the summer.

Tip 1:

Keep activities in small increments that can be managed independently. “Keeping things small is a great way for kids to work independently with small manageable task” says Moise.  It eases the anxiety and stress caused by being overwhelmed with huge task.

Tip 2:

Create a Responsibility Jar. This is how it works you put tasks, chores written on paper in a jar. Family members will pick a task out of the to do jar. Complete the task and put the written task in another jar marked done.  Moise says “it teaches responsibility and pride and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you look at the completed jar and see how filled it is with task.” It will boost your self confidence.

Tip 3.

Have fun with meal planning. This is a great way to get everyone involved and create fun.  Moise suggest having themed nights like Taco Tuesday or Fettuccine Friday, it will build fun around food that all can enjoy.  Incorporate these tips as a way to keep the sanity in your summer. Follow Bea on Facebook @Beatricemoise for more information.