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Make yourself a 'mocktail' with alcohol alternatives from 86 Spirits

86 Spirits has great options for those who want a nice cocktail without the alcohol

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — 86 Spirits recently announced a local distribution company of non-alcoholic spirits to be sold to the service industry. This allows those who are sober or sober curious to have non-alcoholic options in social settings. 

They have a variety of products from spirits, to beer to wine, and they are all made to taste like the real thing. 

86 Spirit’s mission is to introduce non-alcoholic Spirits including NA beers and wines to every restaurant and bar in the Carolinas, helping both businesses and consumers fill a growing niche need.

86 Spirits is available to take appointments with restaurants and bar owners and/or managers both in person or an educational zoom. For more information, go online to 86Spirits.com.