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Organize where the action takes place

Tips to keep your household orderly

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Organizing where the action takes place is critical to keeping a home orderly. Life can be messy and disorderly especially with its hustle and fast pace. Laurie Martin, from Simplicity organizers is here to help us organize where the action takes place.

 Building Organizational Systems where the Action Takes Place:

 Action area - Kitchen: Keep toothbrush and hair brush by the kitchen sink where your young kids spend more time especially in the morning.  You can make sure that everyone has brushed their teeth before heading off to school.

Actions Area - Car:  Keep Coupons in the car where they are handy and readily available.

Action Area - Garage or Mud room:  Keep your keys in a place that you know they will not get lost.  A hook for your keys will help immensely .

Action Area - Closet:  How often do you have trash or bring trash into your bedroom.  Having a trash bin in the closet will cut down on disorder and garbage in the bedroom. Also put a bowl in there for loose change.

Action Area -  Kitchen:  Keep a family calendar in the kitchen where the family mostly congregates.  A calendar will allow you to easily go over schedules with your children and allow them to see “what’s upcoming” for themselves.

For more information visit Simplicity-Organizers.com

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