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Partnering with Nature's infrastructure

Maintaining and restoring wetlands and flood plains will help fish, wildlife our present and our future

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Hurricane season is upon us and communities across the country will not only brace for the tropical storms, but flooding, wildfires and other natural disasters that come along as well.  Environmental expert for the Walton Family Foundation, Moira McDonald has some ways communities can protect themselves from the threat of mother nature.

There is a huge impact that water has on climate change and the people and animals who depend upon it. “Whether we are talking about flooding or droughts water is the way that most people experience climate change” says McDonald. But, there is good news and a way to combat the assault water has on our world by partnering with our natural infrastructure. Natural infrastructure is simply helping nature by maintaining wetlands and restoring other natural environmental functions to safeguard against flooding and the like. “For example, maintaining wetlands to help buffer against severe hurricanes and other storms, is nature natural speed bump to slow down hurricanes” says McDonald. In the center of the country we need to be diligent about restoring flood plains as well as wetlands so that excess water from deluges has a place to go.  Fixing the plains will ultimately avoid the worst of property damage from excess water. McDonald says “out west where the snow melts from the mountains it is important that the water seeps into the earth slowly via the rivers to not only protect the fish and wildlife but people as they enjoy recreational activities and drinking potable water. Keeping our water safe and clean is relevant no matter where you lived. Worldwide we use 70% of our fresh water for agriculture.

It just makes sense and is good practice to make a habit. It is imperative that we partner with our Natural Infrastructure to ensure not only our present but also our future. For more information visit Waltonfamilyfoundation.org/watersolutions