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Pet safety for Halloween

Halloween tips to keep your pet safe during this spooky time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Halloween is Sunday and the kids are sure to have fun.
but what about the pets in the house?  Here with a few tips on Halloween safety for our pets is Dr Jim Dobies from UrgentVet.

Candy may be the star of the show but it can be dangerous for pets especially dogs. Dr. Dobie says “dogs are attracted to sweets and their highly sensitive nose can smell sweets from very far away.” Please keep candies out of reach from dogs whether that’s in a panty or on a counter. Also sugar free candies are not good for dogs because they have a toxic ingredient called Xylitol that is extremely harmful to dogs. Chocolates are not good for dogs either. The darker the chocolate the more toxic it is for dogs. The size of the dog and quantity of chocolate consumed can be a problem. If your dog is in danger call the ASPCA poison hotline  @888-426-4435 and they will instruct you on what to do.

Depending on your pet, some pets may have onset anxiety because of spooky costumes and strange sounds. Animals get their cues from visual and auditory signals. If your appearance or sound has changed because your in costume the experience may frighten your pet. This is also a great time to get your flea and pest protection for your pets. Insects are trying to get in your home and out of the chilly temperatures. They do not mind hitching a ride on a nice warm animal to come inside your home. Now is the time to ramp up pest and flea protection.  Lastly, make sure your pet gets as much exercise as possible. Your pet needs to be active for their overall health especially as we approach the holiday season. Take your pet on walks or do some other activities to keep them active and healthy.  For more information visit Urgentvet.com.

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