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PTSD is not uncommon.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of PTSD and getting help

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When we hear about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, many people believe it's something that affects only military veterans; but anyone who experiences a life threatening event can suffer from PTSD. Here to tell us more is Dr. Robert Matlack with Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling.

PTSD, can be triggered by almost any change. Typically if you are expose to something out of the ordinary it depends on the perception of that exposure which can result in post traumatic stress. One person PTSD can be more severe or less severe, it depends upon the person perception.  Some of the signs that people maybe suffering from PTSD can be hyper vigilance, eating and sleeping disorder. People may become moody, exhibit stress or even shut down. They may become withdrawn and not participate in things they use to do.  Children can suffer from PTSD as well. Look for children to re-inact events or incidences. Children may start experiencing headaches and stomach aches. They have a tendency to keep things bottle up inside. Sometimes their PTSD can be brought on by changes in family, school and  abuse.  

However, there is treatment and some relief.  If you know someone suffering from PTSD, Dr. Matlack suggest therapy and or medication if needed. Talking with a counselor allows you to gets things and issues out and therapist can help you process things with more clarity. You will need friends and family for support.  PTSD is serious and can prevent growth and positive forward progress. For more information visit BestDayPsych.com or call 980-867-4440.

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