Pumpkin Tortelloni

Courtesy Vivace, Executive Chef John Caputo

Pasta Dough Ingredients

500 grams 00 pasta flour, (you can substitute all purpose flour, but the double zero will give you a stronger more al dente pasta dough)

7 egg yolks

1 ounce olive oil

2 ounces water

Pasta Dough Directions

Mix together the yolks, oil and water. Set up a place to work, possibly a large cutting board on your table, place all the flour in the middle of the board and create a well in the middle of the flour. With a fork slowly stir in the liquid into the middle of the well of flour, all the while incorporating the flour into the liquid. Do this until all the liquid is used and the combination comes together as a dough.

Take the dough and kneed it by hand until it all comes together in a smooth strong dough. Now wrap the dough in plastic wrap and allow to rest for at least ½ hour in the refrigerator.

With your handy dandy pasta roller, take the dough and first by hand press it thin enough to begin rolling sheets in the machine. With the rollers at their widest setting place the dough in and roll thru. Keep rolling and each successive time make the dough slightly thinner until the rollers are down to the number 1. You may need from time to time to sprinkle a little flour on the dough if it gets slightly moist as it gets thinner.

When you get your sheet of dough thin enough to Number 1, place it on your work table and cut approximately a 2” x 2” square with either a cookie cutter or with a ruler and knife. Lightly dust all your squares, stack them together and cover with plastic wrap to keep air away from drying them out.

Filling Ingredients

1 Sugar pumpkin, small

½ butternut squash

1 acorn squash

2 ounce butter

3 ounces walnuts, toasted, ground

2 ounces ameretti cookies, ground

3 ounces parmesan cheese

1 teaspoon salt

2 ounce butter

Filling Directions

Cut squash and pumpkin in half and remove all seeds. Dot with 2 oz. of butter and place on a sheet pan, cover with aluminum foil and place in a 325 degree oven. Cook until flesh is soft, remove from oven and allow the vegetables to cool to the touch.

With a spoon remove the flesh from the skin of all the squash. Place it in all in your food processor and puree till smooth. Remove and place in a fine meshed strainer, place a bowl to catch liquid and place in refrigerator overnight to allow excess water to drain.

On the next day, melt your butter and walnuts, cookies, cheese, salt and butter and mix in. Reserve to fill your tortelloni with.

Sage Brown Butter Ingredients

½ lb. Butter

12 Sage leaves

Pinch of salt

Sage Brown Butter Directions

Melt the butter in a sauce pot over medium heat. Place the sage leaves in the butter and allow it to first clarify and then turn brown. Remove it from the heat quickly so it doesn’t burn and remove the sage leaves. Save the leaves to garnish the pasta later. Season butter with a touch of salt. Reserve for later.

Tortelloni Ingredients

2 eggs

1 tablespoon water

Pumpkin filling

Tortelloni Directions

Mix the eggs and water to make an egg wash for sealing the pasta. Put your filling in a zip lock plastic bag and use it as a piping bag. Push the dough to one corner of the bag, close the bag at the top and cut the corner tip off.

Place 10 squares of pasta at a time out on a clean work station. With your piping bag pipe a dot of filling in the middle of the dough and do that with all ten squares.

Next with your egg wash and a pastry brush, brush a small amount of egg wash across two edges of the dough. Now fold the dough corner to corner to form a filled triangle. When all are filled take one at a time and put a small amount of egg wash on one of the two bottom points a pull it around and attach it to the opposite point to form the tortelloni. It looks like a small hand bag. Keep filling until all squares are formed. Toss in a little flour to keep them from sticking to each other. Refrigerate until ready to cook.