Miso Maple Sweet and Savory Breakfast Sammie

Recipe note: See Heidi’s “Build A Local Sandwich” post at HeidiBillottoFood.com for the where-to-buy info on each of the local products featured in this recipe.

1 lb. local sausage, lightly browned

2 cups seeded and sliced local muscadine or scuppernong grapes

1 container Uno Alla Volta ricotta cheese

1 cup Hickory Hill Farms whole milk

3 local farm eggs

1/4 tsp. Outer Banks Sea Salt

1 unsliced loaf of locally baked Community Matters Cafe Challah Bread; Verdant Bakery English Muffins; or Duke Bread Dinner Rolls

4 Tbsp. Uno Alla Volta Butter

For the finishing sauce:

½ cup Miso Masters Organic Sweet White Miso (available at Whole Foods and EarthFare)

1 cup organic Maple Syrup

Slit English Muffins in half lengthwise to make a pocket but do not cut them completely in half. OR cut bread into thick slices and cut through the middle of each slice to make a pocket.

Spread a generous amount of the Uno Alla Volta ricotta on the inside of each sandwich pocket

Combine the sliced grapes and browned ground sausage and stuff each ricotta lined sandwich pocket with the sausage and grape mix.

Press together lightly to close.

Whisk together the milk, eggs, and salt. Dip bread into the egg and milk mixture, allow to soak for a bit on each side; and then place in a sauté pan with hot melted butter to brown on both sides.

Make the miso and maple syrup ahead of time or Keep the French toast sweet and savory sammies warm in oven until the sauce is done and you are ready to serve.

To make the Miso-Maple Sauce, simply combine the sweet white miso and the maple syrup together in a large bowl. Whisk together to combine. Then, gently warm the syrup over low heat to serve. To make a creamier version of the syrup stir in a bit of Uno Alla Volta Yogurt-style cheese.

Drizzle over the warm stuffed sammies and enjoy this wonderful way to eat local!