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Returning to work then pack a healthy lunch

Build your own salad or make an adult lunchable for your lunch

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte, N.C. - This article involves commercial content.  

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Returning back to the office, well its time to pack your own healthy lunch. Meghan Tomlinson, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist, has some healthy tips that you can use to eat healthy.

Tip1: Adult lunchable Use a plug in plate to create a balanced diet. The plug in plate sections creates a healthy balance. Put your protein like salmon, chicken, or tuna in one area. Put you fiber like berries in another section. Now finish your healthy fats section with grass fed cheeses or guacamole. You will feel like a kid again but with a healthy meal.

Tip 2: Build your own salad                                                                            Try to recreate the salad you spend $15 for at the store or restaurant, it's easy. Start with a pre-wash leafy green, like spinach or arugula then add a protein like salmon or chicken.  The most prep work you will have to do is chopped the vegetables you want to add. Add your vegetables and now give your salad a little crunch by adding nuts (walnut, pine nuts almonds etc..) or add some seeds.  Top it off with a creamy dressing or oil and vinegar.  

Tip 3:  Cook once eat twice                                                                          Don't forget how important left overs are.  Make sure you refrigerate your meal from the previous night and take some with you to work the next day.  Its saves time and you've already done the prep work.

Tip 4: Eat without distractions                                                                When you are ready to eat, put down the phone turn off the noise so that you can eat and enjoy your food.  Science has found that eating without distractions supports better digestion. If you add a walk or some form of exercise you can lower blood sugar and improve metabolic health.  These are some suggestions and you can visit WellWithMeghan.com for more information.