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Revenge Travel is on the minds of vacationers

Set Jetting travel is on the menu

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It seems travelers are getting back on the road in record numbers these days. Having to stay put during these past few years, has increase the desire of many to plan lots of vacations in 2023. What’s driving this new boom and what are some of the newest trends?  We invited Roni Fishkin from Mann Travels to take a look at what to expect in the world of travel.

“It certainly feels like everyone wants to get away and we are expecting it even to get busier as the year progresses” says Fiskin.  It doesn’t seem as if people are nervous about spending money for fear of recession and inflation. It seems like people understand that travel is going to be more expensive this year. In fact Fishkin says “We have all heard about airline prices being higher, gas is still expensive but it doesn’t seem to be stopping people from planning a vacation." After all, it’s being called REVENGE TRAVEL and prices will not stop them!”

So this is what we are seeing in the industry.  For example, you have heard of jet-setting….but now there is SET-JETTING! Set, as in TV SET! It’s because we have spent the last few years watching a lot of television.  There is an entire list of destinations inspired by popular tv shows. For example did you watch the White Lotus, the program set in Hawaii? After the first season the demand was crazy, everyone wanted to go to Hawaii. In its second season White Lotus was set in gorgeous Sicily, the demand for Sicily increased. How about Emily in Paris? Its prompting a big interest in that city. Viewers of the Crown or of any of the new royal-inspired content are wanting to go to England.

We are also seeing lots of domestic travel trends.  More people say their vacation in 2023 will be in the US than in another country.  “If you are one of them , check out a COWBOY-CATION” says Fishkin. Places like Montana, Colorado or Wyoming with a big family group are popular. People are renting a large home instead of a hotel and getting a real feel for these western states. Horseback riding, fishing, there’s tons to do on that kind of vacation! And if you want to stay closer to home choose a Beach Vacations. the beach still top the list when travelers are polled about their wish list for 2023. The beach is considered both that quintessential escape and safe because there is plenty of open space. Florida, California, Hawaii – all popular in the US. and the Caribbean destinations are extremely busy.  Don’t wait too long to plan something if you want to go there.

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