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Taking care of your dogs mental health

Shinyu Pet Care shares ways to stay on top of keeping your pets happy and healthy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Taking care of your mental health is always important, but we sometimes miss taking care of the mental health of our pets. Shinyu Pet Care joined Charlotte Today to talk about this issue.

Coleman Russel from Shinyu says the biggest issues pets are facing when it comes to mental health are general anxiety and socialization anxiety. A lot of pets were kept home for too long during COVID and they are struggling from that. Separation anxiety is an issue as well as past traumas and triggers. 

Some signs that your pet may be struggling are a change in their behavior, a change in their appetite, excessive barking, chewing or licking. ANything that isn't normal for them is important to pay attention to.

Some common solutions are exercise, a licky mat, or just taking your pets out of their regular environment.

For more information, go online to Shinyu.app.

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