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Summer health risks

The Urban Housecall Doctors have tips to keep us safe this summer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We love to have fun in the summer, but there are some heath risks to be aware of. Dr. Karla Robinson and Dr. Rob Robinson are the Urban Housecall Doctors. They say the first risk is boating accidents. Remember to not drink alcohol when on a boat.  

The next risk is drowning.  Think about the undertows and rip tides at the beach. Be aware of the safety markings.   Drownings can happen in a matter of minutes.

Dehydration is also an issue in the heat.  Be mindful of your water intake.  Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are real. 

Sun protection is a must in the summer as well.   Always wear sunscreen.

You can find the urban housecall doctors are urbanhousecall.com