Momma's Meatballs

I pound ground chuck

1/2 pound of hot sausage

1/4 of an Italian bread loaf

Heavy cream

Garlic salt

Onion salt

Minced onion or 2 cloves of garlic minced

2-Egg yoke

Salt pepper


In a small bowl: soak the bread in heavy cream( the fat in the cream helps keep meatballs very moist during the cooking ) Just barely cover the bread.

In a large bowl:

Combine beef and pork and add a little Worcestershire and two egg yokes(don't use whites ...might make the meatballs too dry)

Add moist bread crumbs to big bowl and mix together. (Should be a very moist mixture)

Make in desired size meatball size and brown in a skillet with olive oil OR in a 400 degree oven on a cookie sheet (not cooking long) ....15 minutes and then add to sauce and simmer for about an hour. Then serve.

Serve on a bun with fresh Parmesan and fresh mozzarella balls and melt all together.

OR make some pasta and serve on top with fresh Parmesan

(Doctored up) Store bought Spaghetti Sauce

Spicy Classico Pre-made Sauce or your favorite sauce



Italian seasoning

Salt pepper

Garlic or onion Minced

Chili powder

Fresh Basil on top after warm

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

1- 29 oz. can of Tomato sauce

Tabasco sauce or your favorite hot sauce or red pepper flakes or chili powder or All!:)


Italian seasoning blend

Onion minced

2- Garlic cloves

Chili powder

Parmesan cheese

Finely chopped fresh basil for top

(Add all these ingredients to your taste ....start with tomato sauce and add the rest little by little and to desired taste.

Making spaghetti sauce is one of the best ways to just cook and dump:) .....good way to practice no measuring:)

If you mess up just add more tomato sauce or a jar of pre-made sauce or diced tomatoes