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"THE COMPARISON TRAP" can be problematic!

Tips to get you out of "The Comparison Trap"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Do you feel bad about yourself after a steady diet of social media?  Perhaps you’re single and it seems like everyone else around you is happily in love and now you think - is there something wrong with you.  Maybe a friend tells you about her promotion and now you feel down about yourself because you don’t like your job. You’re stuck in "The Comparison Trap!"

Joining us now to tell us how to get out of this is life coach and host of the wake up to your life podcast Colleen Odegaard.  “The Comparison Trap can feel awful. It’s natural to compare ourselves with others, we've been trained by society and our environment to do so for many years” says Odegaard. This indoctrination can be problematic and paralyzing.

Here are some suggestions to help us when we’re stuck in comparison.

Tip 1: Stop scrolling – Don’t compare! You can mute or unfollow people that may trigger this comparison trap. Here is what you should do follow people that inspire you, make you laugh or teach you something valuable. Curate an encouraging feed. Don’t forget that if you don’t check social media “You Are Not Missing Anything!”

Tip 2: Take action – If you are feeling bad do something you love or something super fun. It’s hard to feel bad. Also you don’t have to take big giant steps in your endeavors take baby steps towards your goals. It will prevent a pity party.

Tip 3: Up your self-love game - Tell yourself you are awesome, beautiful, and loved. If you are at the very beginning of your endeavors, don’t compare your beginnings with someone’s else middle or end. You may not be at the same place and most likely it’s an unfair comparison.

For more great tips listen to Colleen’s Wake Up to Your Life Podcast. You can listen to it on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Also to find out more about Colleen’s coaching programs, go to ColleenOdegaard.com or follow her on Instagram: @colleen_odegaard

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