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The long and triple jump are exciting Olympic events

Watch athletes as they fly through the air in the long and triple jump

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — No, we are not on the beach but we want to give you a preview of what you will see at the Olympics. Coach Carol Lawrence of Providence Day School says "it takes speed and skill to execute the long and triple jump."  The most important thing you have to do for the long jump is the takeoff.  You are required to hit the board without fouling and fly through the air and then land in the pit.  "Be careful how you land because, if your hand is behind and touches the sand or your hair (pony tail) touches the sand behind you, it can lessen the actual distance of the jump" says Lawrence.  In the Olympics you will see Olympians jump anywhere from 27' - 29', that is amazing.

Another beautiful event at the Olympics is the triple jump.  "This is a three phase jump starting with a hop, then step and finally a jump" says Lawrence.  Once again the takeoff is crucial and the phases of the triple jump are simply poetry in motion. Getting a good score depends largely on how well you do in the phases of your jump.  All the phases are added together to get your combined distance (score).  The Olympians will complete these jump for the women anywhere from 46'- 47.5'.  Check out all the actions on wcnc.com your NBC affiliate.