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Tips for dating

Up your dating game this year with these changes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — 1. FLIP YOUR MINDSET- All about being positive. show up with an open mind, and a positive attitude. If you are enthusiastic about DATING people will be attracted to you and want to date you. Positivity is SEXY: Negativity is NOT.  

2. SAY IT WITH YOUR EYES. Making eye contact is not only necessary; it's hot. It shows you are curious, secure, and engaged in the discussion. 

EXTRA FYI: when MEN are interested- they will make more eye contact! 

3. CHEMISTRY TAKES TIME: Remember, we've all been cooped up at home for two years! Being face-to-face might take a sec! Instant chemistry shouldn't be a "make or break" for you. If you like them, go on a second date, please. 

4. Don’t worry about “deal breakers” The ONLY real deal breaker should be that you "want different things." Do not waste your time who doesn't share your plan for the future. You will not be the one to change their mind.  

5. Having a list of non-negotiables is essential; a list with 2000 items, including their hair color, is not. Pick the five biggies-then start swiping right (more often than not) 

Give people a fair shot!  

Let's try striving for the perfectly imperfect!  

Positivity is SEXY 

Confidence, Curiosity and Good Conversation  

Hurvitz’s Four Steps to Dating:  

D-Decide: choose, pick…take the plunge is this the person you want to try this     “relationship thing” with?  

A-Attract: are you attracted, yes! But is it chemistry or is it MORE?  

T-Trust: do you trust until it’s broken, or does someone earn your trust? Either way,    it’s a HUGE factor in dating.  

E-Evolve: Will you grow together as a couple or will it be over before it begins? Slow    and steady wins this race- let things evolve. 

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