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Tips to help move on after divorce

Things to do to help make divorce easier to handle

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The number of divorces are staggering in the U.S but how do you move on or respond? What should you do or more importantly don’t do - as you move on with life.  Relationship Expert Jen Hurvitz has more.

Here are things you should do:

Tip 1:   Don’t Badmouth Your Ex 

This is a big no-no! It’s important not to talk in a negative manner about your ex on dates or in front of the kids.

Tip 2:   Don’t Start Dating Too Soon

Be ready to get back out there but know what you’re looking for in a relationship and it’s okay if you are temporarily alone.

Tip 3:   Don’t Force Your Kids to Take Sides

This is a big one, don’t triangulate and put your kids in the middle of you and your ex.  Your Children didn’t ask for this divorce and it shouldn’t be their “fight”.

Tip 4:   Don’t Get Stuck in the Negativity

It’s okay to feel all the emotional hurts, that’s actually really important, but not for too long!  Get back out there and hang with friends and people who get it and get you.

Tip 5:   Don’t Go at it Alone

Find the help you need and support to move forward.  Hire a therapist, relationship coach or talk to a good friend.

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