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Toxic Online Dating Behaviors

Get your Money Back – No Way!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Today we are talking with relationship expert , Jennifer Hurvitz “Should You Get Your Money Back if They Don't Accept the

Second Date?” Here is the scenario:

He paid for the first date. When she didn't want a second, he asked for his money back…hold on What???

“ YES IT'S TRUE!” says Hurvitz. She adds “There is much to unpack here, but we all, first we all have personal feelings about who pays on a first date.” “It's a HUGE

conversation with so much polarity, but this "asking for money back" thing is a FAR bigger issue.

Here is the problem:

● Asking for money back is a byproduct of toxic online dating


● Online dating = Zero social accountability

● Dating online makes it much easier for people to behave badly

● This type of incident would NEVER happen In Real Life (IRL)

● It is less likely to happen if a friend or family member fixes you up

● Psychologically disturbing makes you feel like a) you weren't worth

the money and b) they had expectations

● Venmo requesting a split POST date (if they don't accept another)

is unethical.

What to do if it happens to YOU?

● You have choices you can Ignore the message; it shows that you found it appalling and

inappropriate. Then block them.

● Pay the Venmo request, which will cut all ties

● Respond, "Who is this? I don't have you in my phone."

The woman in the article said it best: "My time and energy is NOT

refundable."  For more information visit on social @DoingRelationshipRight

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