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Twist & Kliin (clean) saving the environment

Twist & Kliin is a biodegradable and reusable product

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It’s a place of building brands, reinforcing relationships and making new connections with the hottest hardware and home improvement influencers. Hardware Huddle is the gathering place for building brands and today Twist & Kliin (clean), Marie-Pierre Berube has more on their amazing products. 

Americans spend so much money on recycling plastic bottles.  There are 2.5 million bottles thrown into recycling.  There’s a staggering statistic that estimated 12 billion plastic bottles sold in California each year, about 70 percent are recycled, according to state statistics.  Around 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every single day, and Americans alone send more than 38 billion water bottles to landfills every year, the equivalent of 912 million gallons of oil. That means that 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every second of the day.  Twist  & Kliin is standing in the gap with a product that is biodegradable and reuses bottles.

Twist & Kliin is an all-purpose biotechnological degreaser cleaner for cleaning and removing animal dirt from floors, cages, carpets, fabrics, cushions, mattresses, cars and other surfaces. Thanks to its formula containing specifically selected fermenting extracts, this formula biodegrades and accelerate the natural decomposition of animal materials on surfaces. All you do is attach it to a spray bottle and you are ready for action.  It really is as easy as 123.  All you do is add water to a spray bottle, grab the Twist & Kliin capsule and twist it on top of the spray bottle.  The twisting motion will puncture its container and release its solution into the water.  Shake the bottle and your cleaning solution is ready.  When the bottle is done all you need is to grab another Twist & Kliin and you're all set for more.  Twist & Kliin really does help with not adding to landfills and cutting down on recycling bottles.

For best results:

Test a small area before use.

Shake well before use.

Spray generously on the surfaces to be cleaned.

Leave on for a few minutes.

Discover the best highly biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your daily use. KLIIN is constantly innovating to help you change your habits with our new imaginative, innovative, efficient, highly biodegradable and recyclable concepts !

For more information visit Kliin.co

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