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Whiten your teeth with Power Swabs

Power Swabs has a New Year's special offer right now

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This article involves commercial content. The products are services featured appear as paid advertising.  

If you want a whiter smile for the holidays, try Powerswabs. It works in just 5 minutes and is clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of 2 shades whiter in 5 minutes and 6 shades whiter in 7 days.  Powerswabs has minimal sensitivity and works to lift stains off all caps, crowns and veneers. Stains are removed, not just covered up.  That means that whiter teeth for last for a longer period.  

Right now, enjoy a New Year special of 40% off plus free shipping and a free quick stick pen. Call 800-663-4517 or visit powerswabs.com