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Stretching your way to a better night of sleep

Night yoga stretches not only help you feel better the next day, they can also help prevent injury

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Before you lay down to go to bed, we have some stretches you can do to help prevent injury the next day.

Kara Mcconaghy with Yoga4Elite Athletes says remember "night before...hit the floor" - your body will thank you the next day.

It can help prevent golfer's elbow, to start get on your hands and knees. Then turn your hands towards your body...that will lightly stretch your muscles.  You don't want to do any stretch to the point of pain, but breathe and relax into the stretch.  Hold each stretch 15-30 seconds, then flip hands over and get front of arm.

Active people often also have a lot of back problems, so a great stretch to do there if you suffer from back pain is, go to "up" dog to stretch. Press tops of feet to the ground, and put shoulders back and down, and press your hips forward.  Breathe and relax, and find strength in your hip.

Another one is using a block, going to a "scorpion" stretch.  Mcconaghy says it's important "never do to the point of pain, just want to find a nice stretch." You use the block like a pillow.

Extend one arm, and roll a little bit, as you drop your hip. Focus on these few stretches, and you get good healthy circulation, and oxygen in the muscles. Breath deep: 4 count inhale and 4 count exhale.  This hits a lot of joints and muscles.

In coming weeks, McConaghy will be helping people prep for upcoming sports...both in person and online.

She is on social on all platforms: Yoga4EliteAthletes  (Yoga4EliteAthletes.com)

Eugene Robinson compared some of the stretches to playing "Twister" - with the goal being you feel better the next day and help build strength and prevent injuries.

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