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Yoga exercises can relieve stress

Ocean breath, neck and shoulder exercises will help you get rid of the tension you retain

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — People are continuing to work remotely and that means stress and anxiety will persist. Michael Oller from Chair Yoga, has some exercises to relieve the tension we hold onto. While so many people are still working remotely this lifestyle is a breeding ground for stress and anxiety.  Chair Yoga, has some exercises that are easy to do. These exercise are great for relieving stress.

Exercises 1: Ocean breaths

Bring your hands to heart center and take a deep breath through your nose. Get ready to exhale through your mouth and act like you are trying to fog up a mirror.  Repeat these ocean breath at least 10 times.

Exercise 2 Neck stretches

For those who work on laptops and computers, the first thing you should do is put your laptop up on boxes or books at eye level, that will reduce some of the strain your neck retains from constantly looking down. Bring your hands first to heart center. Now lift your left arm and hand up and grab the top side of your head at the right ear. Now gently pull your hand to your left shoulder to stretch your neck.  Make sure you take ocean breaths. Repeat the other side.

Exercise 3: Shoulders

This stretch is design to get rid of that unwanted tension residing in the shoulder area.  Lift your left arm up and touch your shoulder with your hand. Now with the right hand grab the elbow and push it back towards your head. Remember to do ocean breaths and then repeat the other side. Return your hands back to heart center.

Chair Yoga also has zoom classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10am that you can join. The first zoom class is free. The zoom ID is 980 264 2630.  Namaste!