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Yoga exercises for the holiday season

Breathing and stretching exercises to clear the way for digestion

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This time of year we tend to over eat during the holiday.  Gretchen Voth with Charlotte Yoga has some exercises we can do to help with digestion.  The holidays reminds us about being thankful and gathering to eat.  Stretching and breathing exercises are great ways to help promote circulation and stimulate digestion allowing your body to process big meals.

Yoga exercise 1:  Breathe

First, whether you are sitting or standing, lengthen the spine.  Now with one hand on belly and one hand on chest take a deep breath and hold it.  Now breathe out and feel the air leaving your body.  Repeat this process.

Yoga exercise 2:  Breathe again

Place hands on top of thighs if sitting or at your side if standing now as you inhale arch your back and open your chest by pointing your heart to the sky. Hold it.  As you exhale, tuck your chin down toward your chest and round your shoulder forward and feel the breath as it leaves your body.

Yoga exercise 3: Twist

Whether you are standing or sitting, lift both hands up to heart center.  Take left hand and rotate it back behind you as you twist your upper body, take your right hand and place it on your left knee.  Repeat movement to opposite side. The twist movement promotes digestion.  For more visit CharlotteYoga.com