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Cuomo's accusers react to his resignation

Women who have come forward with stories about Governor Andrew Cuomo say they wanted to see him out of office, but they want more to be done.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Not long after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his decision to resign in the wake of his sexual harassment scandal, the two very first women to come forward and accuse him of inappropriate behavior in the workplace shared their reaction on social media. 

Lindsey Boylan, who made her first public accusation in December 2020, had this to say on Twitter: 

Charlotte Bennett, who came forward in February 2021, tweeted after the Attorney General's report was released, demanding accountability: 

Karen Hinton, a former Cuomo aide who accused him of inappropriate behavior when they worked together, appeared on MSNBC following the news. 

"Let me first say I definitely wanted him to resign, but at the same time I'm not gloating over it and I don't think anyone should," she said. "It's a very sad day for the state of New York. What he did to those women was unforgivable and he brought it on himself through his own actions, and of course he immediately started blaming others." 

Brittany Commisso, who has identified herself as Executive Assistant Number 1 in the attorney general's report and accuses the governor of groping her in his mansion last year, says the resignation is meaningful, but she's not fully satisfied. 

"It feels like a weight is off my shoulders, and hopefully I can move forward and be happy again," she told NBC News. 

When asked if the resignation was enough for her, she said, "It's not. He didn't take responsibility he didn't really apologize, watching his press conference today and his resignation he almost still had the attitude as though he is the victim, when he is not the victim, he is the victimizer."