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One of the largest cornfields in the Southeast is a short drive away

The Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze is a safe and fun activity to social distance and get outside with the family and friends.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Get ready to be amazed! Welcome to the Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze which is actually one of the biggest mazes in the southeast. So fingers crossed, you won’t get lost.

This is no ordinary maze! Jessica Bustamante tells us, “It’s a maze within maze, within a maze!”

This maze has 3 different levels across 7 acres making up over 3 miles of trails. So the Rural Hill app helps you on your quest.

Things are different this year due to covid-19. Before paper maps would be given out and you would collect pieces of the map to eventually find your way out of the 3 sections of maze. But now you will watch a YouTube video with instructions when you buy tickets and will download the Rural Hill App (The icon is below).

“When you enter the maze there are 12 different check points with QR codes," explains Bustamante.

Each clue you arrive to has a question and if you get it right... you gain a new piece of the map. 

FUN FACT: The theme of the map this year is Celtic good luck symbols. This is a subject you should study up on before coming HINT HINT!

Once you can complete the map you will see there are some lucky symbols that were walking around on and you didn't even know it!

Also if you need help, there is an outpost where people can help you if needed. Each group will have a flag in case they need help getting out of the maze. 

Credit: Chris Mulcahy

“We’ve had people spend over 3 hours in the maze,” tells Bustamante.

“Yes boom we got this… another dead end… nope dead end… the mother’s of dead ends”

If you are adventurous enough to take on the maze… you need to pre register online to limit capacity



Tuesday to Sunday 10:30AM until 4:30 PM.

But on Friday and Saturdays they offer night mazes with time slots available from 6PM until 9PM. A flashlight is recommended.

And most importantly…

Don't forget your mask. Masks will be worn by everyone when first entering the maze but wearing it is not required the whole time. However, if another group crosses your path, you are asked to put it back on because the paths are narrow.

This is an awesome, fun, fall activity that you need to try! This is one of the largest mazes in the Carolinas AND is the only one of its kind so don't miss out! There is still plenty of Fall!

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