CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- To be forever young. That's all we really want right? 

While we can't stop the clock, we can slow the signs of aging by getting rid of fine lines, crows feet, and well wrinkles. Nowadays you can do it much quicker!

A new concept for what’s being called a “Botox Bar” is allowing people to dive into the fountain of youth on their lunch break. 

“You can have the convenience and the same professionalism, as long as you have the expectation we'll work you in," says Dr. Peter J. Capizzi of Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery and Skincare.  

In fact, Dr. Capizzi says right now Botox is the number one procedure in the practice and the number one procedure in the country in regards to injectables. In turn, that means getting an appointment can be a real pain! Which is where the “Botox Bar” comes into play.

The new bar in Dilworth touts a ‘no appointment necessary’ option and is of course giving a whole new meaning to the word shots!

“50 is the new 35 or 30, Botox is the new extension to that,” Dr. Capizzi says. “It's much more common, now it's not only treat the wrinkle, but prevent the whole wrinkle idea, younger people are getting interested in getting that treatment."

Whether you’re looking to treat or prevent you can find the Botox Bar inside Dr. Capizzi’s office at 900 East BlvdCharlotte, North Carolina, NC 28203.