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Charlotte mom's underwater photography is makes a big splash in the community

Renee Stengel has been a skilled photographer for years. But she's now taken the plunge on a new style that's helping her clients leave a lasting impression.

Underwater photography has come a long way from those disposable click and shoot cameras we used to see, and one local mom is taking her photography skills to her very own backyard pool. 

Renee Stengel has been a skilled photographer for years, but after meeting an underwater photographer on a beach vacation a few years back, she decided to take the plunge herself. 

"I fell in love instantly," Stengel said. 

Her swimming pool is her personal studio. 

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"I keep my chemicals just perfectly balanced, which just adds to the clarity of the photographs and helps make them beautiful," Stengel said. 

Stengel's clients make a splash posing in their own unique way. 

"Engagements, senior photos, I did a commercial branding shoot," Stengel said. "We've done families jumping off the rocks, it's a little bit of everything."

To ensure the safety of her clients, Stengel always keeps a lifeguard on hand for any family photo shoots. 


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