CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you set out to achieve new fitness goals in 2017, there's no reason to fall off the workout wagon now.

You can try something totally unique, aerial fitness.

At first glance, it may look something like Cirque du Soleil. But AIR Aerial Fitness Charlotte isn’t about performing. It’s about getting, and staying, fit.

“I grew up playing sports. I’m an athlete and my mom was a yoga teacher and so I stayed away from yoga," says AIR Aerial Charlotte owner, Kerri Flanigan. "But I feel there’s a healthy balance of you need to stretch and you need to do cardio and things that really get your heart rate up.”

Kerri Flanigan owns the Myers Park studio and the brand new South Park location, set to open next week. A full body workout filled with balancing, flexibility, core work, and cardio.

“I love it! I'm coming back, said Adams Louis, who tried it for the first time. "I think I can get upper body exercise more and work on my core strength.”

Class sizes are limited to 15 people, so everyone gets personal attention.

“I think it’s something fun. It’s different," says Brooke Robertson. "I’m a cyclist. I like to run, but this kinda shakes it up a little bit. I'm new to Charlotte. It was an awesome way to meet people. It’s kinda like a community. So I’ve just loved every second of being here.”