Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A boy with autism from Columbia got the concert of his dreams this past weekend.

Braylon Chambers was only 18 months when he was diagnosed with autism. That's when his mother says he stopped talking.

"It was hard because you go from this happy, excited kid to this kid that you're like 'who is this kid, I don't know where my kid went," Jinger Chambers said.

It was one song, one artist that inspired him to start humming and then ultimately start talking again: the band Evanescence and its lead singer, Amy Lee.

"He went from not much of a personality to, if he tells people, what are you listening too, off the rip, he'll just say it's Evanescence," his mom says. "It changed him. It was funny at first because he would actually use the words from the songs to carry on a conversation with you. I can't make this up."

This past weekend, she took her son to see Evanescence's Amy Lee in Charlotte.

"We went to the concert just going to the concert we had no idea we were going to meet her," she said. "She was just so down to earth and just took him right on stage."

Let's just say the experience meant the world to them. Please watch the video above for the full experience.