CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More than 700 pre-k to 5th-grade children at David Cox Elementary received a new pair of tennis shoes on Wednesday.

Charlotte native and nine-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul and his family foundation partnered with the charity, Shoes That Fit, for the giveaway.

"This is the largest Shoes That Fit event that we've done," Robin Paul, Chris's mother told NBC Charlotte. 

The NBA point guard's family and friends handed out box after box to some excited kids. 

"This means an awful lot to us as a family," they said.

Charles Paul shared a story connecting his childhood to this donation.

"We never expected it. But it feels so good because it just reminds me I was them. I was one of the kids that didn't have shoes," he said. "My mom didn't have the money. I had to stick cardboard in my shoes when I was growing up, and I cried to get shoes, so to be able to do this for so many kids is a blessing."

Charles added that even his All-Star son had to work for new shoes growing up.

"Our kids didn't get that unless they had good grades. If you want them, you got to earn them," he said.