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'I did a lot in a year' | Jenn Andrews talks about past, future after foot amputation

The surgery stemmed from a pedicure and the discovery of a nodule on her foot which ballooned into cancer.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jenn Andrews inspired thousands of people in the Charlotte area last year when she made the bold decision to have her foot amputated.

This was after a pedicure led to the discovery of a nodule on her foot which ballooned into cancer. Andrews went into remission, but the tumor came back.

"I asked him (the doctor) if I didn’t want to deal with this again – what was my best course of action? His response was one that I never expected to hear. It was to eliminate my foot," she blogged.

2018 ended up being the worst year of her life, Andrews told NBC Charlotte Today. 

"I wish that I never had to go through it, but now I use my story to help other people, so in that there is purpose," she said. 

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Andrews accomplished a lot last year. The amputation was done on March 12, and she relearned to walk in less than eight weeks. Then she ran a 5K on September 29. 

To end the year with a bang, she created the foundation -- Move For Jenn. By December, the foundation had already granted its first running blade to a local firefighter who lost his leg due to bone cancer. 

"Part of me feels a little sad that I've had a year without my leg, but then the other part is empowered, and I think, wow, I did a lot in a year," Andrews reflected.

And there's more to come. 

"I know that the support that I've received is not the norm; I'm forever grateful for that," Andrews said.

Within the next few weeks, she will be running an 8K and a 10K. 

The foundation was just granted a 501c3. With that, they hope the support to impact others will grow in 2019. Plans for a golf tournament and a 5K are in the works now. 

If you want to #MoveForJenn, go to the foundation's website to learn more about supporting sarcoma research and granting prosthetics to sarcoma amputees.

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