CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBC Charlotte had the chance to interview one of the writers from NBC's "This is Us" -- Aurin Squire.

He came to North Carolina this week because Lee Street Theatre in Salisbury is producing his play, "Running on Fire."

"I wrote it at Julliard about a black college student who gets stopped in the park, and he gets his property confiscated by the local police, and it's about civil forfeiture, it's about college town relationships, and it's a comedy I should say that. It's funny, I don't want people to get depressed and think it's going to be heavy on their minds, but it's funny, it's a dark comedy," said Squire.

The play highlights and discusses the current socio-political climate of our area and beyond.

"It is Lee Street theatre’s goal to give the community a platform on which to communicate, to share ideas, and to listen to one another," said a theatre representative.

Performances run April 19-28. Aurin is also hosting a playwriting master class this weekend. Click here for more information.